Watch “All Tha Time” Music Video by Lizzie G. Her 5th album debuts September 7!!

 LIZZIE G ENTERTAINMENT provides arts, STEM and music education programs to schools Globally!

LIZZIE G is bringing the joy of positive music to schools everywhere. She has received countless requests to perform in schools across cities and countries. Her message has encouraged young people to express their talent while gaining an education, you can do both.


LIZZIE G is inspiring youth through positive music and motivational speaking which is increasing student attendance and engagement in school while strengthening habits of persistence. Overall attendance in school and after school programs has increased through partnerships between Public and Charter schools and LIZZIE G ENTERTAINMENT‘s educational programs.The ultimate goal is to help every student achieve their maximum potential both academically and artistically.

No Bully Zone at Fenger HS

Unfortunately performing arts programs have been cut from schools due to lack of funding.  But LIZZIE G ENTERTAINMENT is on a mission to make our schools a fun and bully free place to be. Develop a partnership with LIZZIE G ENTERTAINMENT today!

Some of LIZZIE G ENTERTAINMENT’s services include:

Motivational Speaking

Live Musical Performances


In-School Programs

After-School Programs

Summer Entrepreneurship Program

Vacation Bible School


Donations to LIZZIE G ENTERTAINMENT to continue providing arts, STEM and music education programs to children worldwide are accepted and truly appreciated. Please make a Donation Today.

Click Here to Donate to LIZZIE G ENTERTAINMENT!



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