LIZZIE G ENTERTAINMENT, LLC works closely with all clients, from the beginning stages until completion, and we ensure every customer is “Wow’d” with the work. Here is what folks had to say…


“There is not a better MC I could ask for to host NIU’s NPHC Annual Step Show. Lizzie G’s energy was radiating throughout the audience. She had the audience very engaged and made our Step Show very memorable. Attendees of the Step Show still talk about it today and ask me who the MC was. I highly recommend Lizzie G Entertainment services.”

-Jazlyn Torres, NIU NPHC 1st Vice President 2022-2023


“The No Bully Zone Assembly hosted by Lizzie G Entertainment was definitely a big hit for all of our PreK-8 students at James Ward Elementary. It was done in such a creative way by incorporating the love of rap music which helped to reinforce our school expectations as well as strengthen our social emotional learning program at Ward.” – Principal Anderson

“The No Bully Zone program by Ms. Lizzie G and DJ Rainn was sensational, entertaining and informative for all age groups at our elementary school. The students were ecstatic to get their autographs afterwards! Thanks Ms. Lizzie & DJ Rainn for this enjoyable experience!” – LSC Parent, Ms. Don

-James Ward Elementary School, Chicago, IL

“Our 5th graders enjoyed the positive messages.  They also liked being able to have a dialog and share their own goals and dreams.  Thank you for working with us!”

-Emerson Elementary School, Maywood, IL


“Lizzie G visited Legacy Traditional, Mr. Colquitt’s 6th Grade class. Her insight on success was evident by students engagement and expressions for what they expect to accomplish as adults. Lizzie G’s positive message against bullying, entrepreneurship and school focused was well rounded. I look forward to the next visit. Students are still talking about this great opportunity to spend time and learn some of the keys to success. Thank you Lizzie G, you’re welcome to any school I’m apart of in Las Vegas.”

-Legacy Traditional School North Valley Campus, Las Vegas, Nevada


“It was cool. It was a really cool performance. We liked the music and the message. Her No-Bully Zone song was really catchy and had a positive message that we needed to hear. If she comes back, I hope so, we would like to hear more of her music. Thanks for coming, Lizzie G!”

-Academy for Global Citizenship, IL


“Congratulations on your performance! Several guests commented on your ability to “heat up” the crowd and the originality of your lyrics. We take this opportunity to command you as well for the important work you are doing with the youth in Haiti, through your music. I am certain that this will make a difference in their lives. We look forward to working with you again, here in Chicago or in Haiti.”

-DuSable Heritage Association, IL


“Lizzie G hosted our Anti-Bullying assemblies in recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month. She capture their attention as they entered the auditorium with the music and the energy continued to grow from there. Each grade (6-8) was very excited and energized by her music and her message. The administration was all smiles and the some students reported that this was the best assembly they had ever had! She is AWESOME!

-Parker Junior High -Flossmoor, IL


“It was an honor and a privilege to host Lizzie G at our Black History Month Program. We had informed our students and staff that we would be having a special guest performing and they were super excited to see her come onto the stage … she already had a following at our school! As soon as she started performing there was bouncing, clapping, cheering and not just from our students. We are looking forward to having her come back and working with our primary students and hopefully establishing an ongoing collaboration with this energetic, positive role model.”

-Plato Learning Academy -Chicago, IL

“Carnegie School was so excited to welcome Lizzie G to our school to kick off Black History Month.  She was prompt, energetic, and interacted with the students to get them engaged.  While our 7th and 8th graders were “too cool” to get up and dance, our 5th and 6th graders loved it.  Lizzie G even stayed to sign autographs and took pictures with our students.  That meant alot to them.  Carnegie School appreciates Lizzie G!”

-Andrew Carnegie Elementary School -Chicago, IL


“Lizzie G packs motivation and encouragement into a powerful presentation. She lights up the stage with her impressive abilities- not only in rapping, but in promoting peace, hard work, and friendship. I will continue to recommend Lizzie G at my administrative meetings so that other schools can get a healthy boost of confidence- straight from the highly educated, high energy Lizzie G.”

-St John de la Salle Catholic Academy -Chicago, IL


“Lizzie G did an amazing job at representing the Walgreen’s Expression Challenge. She provided a plethora of details on ways students can enter the contest, examples of submissions, and best practices for students. Additionally, she completed a Haiku exercise with students to tap into their creative writing expression.  Each students left the presentation with a sense of pride and comprehension of all aspects of the contest. Thank you very much for providing this amazing opportunity to our students of Excel Southwest.  We anticipate and look forward to future collaboration with this project and beyond!”

-Excel Academy Southwest -Chicago, IL


“It was absolutely amazing to host Lizzie G at Harold Washington Elementary School.  Students were able to engage with Lizzie G as she performed motivational and uplifting hip hop songs.  Our students were impacted by her vibrant spirit and were excited to meet her at the end.  Many of our students enjoyed the opportunity to share the stage and be an active part of her performance.  Since the performance, students have inquired how they can be more involved in pursuing their talents.”


-Harold Washington Elementary School -Chicago, IL


“Plantation High School enjoyed the message about “Team Make It Happen” where Lizzie G rapped to students about overcoming diversity, graduating school, and moving forward to achieving their life goals. Students responded well to the presentation as evidence by their desires to keep in touch with Lizzie G and learn more about the No Bully Zone. Students couldnt wait to take pictures with Lizzie G and capture memories.”

-Plantation High School (Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders)- Plantation, FL

20161010_224219strive“Lizzie G brought her positive, energetic leadership and rocked the house at our school. The students didn’t stop smiling, and they couldn’t wait to get her autograph after the show. To this day, students still wear their Lizzie G bracelets and autographed gear.”

 – STRIVE Preparatory- Sunnyside School. Denver, CO


“Lizzie G is a powerful and influential artist.  Our students continued to talk about her performance for weeks after the show.  Lizzie made the students feel great, and several students have expressed that they keep in touch with Lizzie through social media.  It’s exciting to see the students singing songs about staying in school! It was an honor to have Lizzie visit our school community, we would welcome her back anytime. I hope she continues to help students Keep Calm and Graduate!”

 – Gilpin Montessori Public School. Denver, CO


“When Lizzie G came to our school to perform for an anti-bullying assembly, our students were so excited! Lizzie G performed songs that related to some of the most critical issues students face every day like low self-esteem, perseverance, and life goals. She was super energetic and entertaining! Our students didn’t just “sit and get it” they actively participated by coming up to the stage to interact with her. During the performance, Lizzie G shared her own personal challenges and how she overcame them and never gave up. When the show ended, our students begged us to let them take pictures with her and get her autograph! Thank you Lizzie G!”

– Clissold Elementary School. Chicago, IL

web1_NO-LIZZIEG-MAR31-16_031716jd__007_0“One of the important messages that Lizzie G focus’ on is unity. We have a zero bullying tolerance here. We focus on creating a peaceful environment where children can feel comfortable and be themselves.That is why we wanted her to perform.”

-QUEST Preparatory Academy Azure Roberson campus. Las Vegas, NV


“Lizzie G visited our students and shared an energetic message of positivity and ambition! It was a great way to kick-off the year with upperclassmen. The students got to participate in the interactive performance, and it reinforced our school goals for college-going students! As one of our alumnae, we are proud of her success and the inspiration she shares with youth!”

 – CURIE High School. Chicago, IL


“Performance was great by Lizzie G. She motivated the students and staff at Haines School. As a product of CPS, Lizzie G made many connections to the young children. Her message to the students stood out as #TEAM MAKE IT HAPPEN resonated with the children.”

– Haines Elementary School. Chicago, IL


“LIZZIE G’s performance and workshop was very empowering for our students at Horizon Science Academy.  The students were engaged the entire performance.  LIZZIE G delivers an invigorating and interactive workshop that students of all ages can relate to. ”

 – Horizon Science Academy Belmont. Chicago, IL