Services Include:

Motivational Speaking


Live Musical Performances



Keynote Speeches

After School Programs

Out of Town School Performances




International Private OutreachThanks to you, 2000 kids outside the USA will experience LIZZIE G live in concert and have access to school supplies, uniform and toiletries for 1 full school year.  We cant thank you enough. In exchange for your generosity LIZZIE G will put on one private workshop and performance for just you and your guests at your home, charity organization or school of your choosing. All kids will receive free promotional merchandise signed by LIZZIE G and a professional photograph on the official website at



Original CompositionWelcome to the VIP Club! This generosity will allow 1000 kids to be given the gift of music. As a token of our immense gratitude, LIZZIE G will compose an original song just for you, which you will receive via (digital download) along with a video of LIZZIE G performing it for you.

35 Minute Skype SessionBecause of you 500 kids will be given the gift of music plus have access to a digital workshop session with LIZZIE G via Skype. LIZZIE G will answer your questions, present a workshop, perform music for you and share some memorable experiences from being on tour.

Backstage Pass + Meet & Greet| With this gift you are helping 300 kids experience a live concert with LIZZIE G and backstage access. The first 50 kids will receive free promotional merchandise signed by LIZZIE G and a professional framed photograph.


Sponsor a ChildYou’re a Hero! Because of your generosity, 1 child in (Haiti or Dominican Republic) will receive school supplies, uniform, toiletries and LIZZIE G merchandise for 1 school year. (Flight Included in Fee)


Original Ringtone| Wow, you’re helping 20 kids receive the gift of education music programs. For your generosity you will receive an original ringtone, signed t-shirt, CD and poster.

Personalized Tweet|  You will receive a personalized “Thank You” tweet from LIZZIE G. Follow Lizzie G on Twitter

THANK YOU| You have given 5 kids the gift of a free educational music program.

THANK YOU for your contribution!

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