January 6-12, 2023 Turks and Caicos

January 13, 2023 – 110th Founders Day of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. The Promontory

January 31 CAR Open House

February 1 Fenger HS

February 8 CAR Black History Month event

February 9 Fenger HS Connect 4 Tournament

February 10 Clissold Elementary School

February 15 Evergreen Academy Middle School

February 21 Dulles School of Excellence

February 23-28 Phoenix, Arizona

March 1 Fenger High School

March 2 Dulles School of Excellence

March 5 Dance Force Dance Concert

March 7 Women In Hip Hop Logan Center for the Arts

March 13 Martin Luther King Jr Academy of Social Justice

March 15-21 Turks and Caicos

March 22 YPN Breakfast at Mannys

April 1 Spring Fling Youth Dance Party Schroeder Park 2-5PM

April 14-17 Charlotte, North Carolina

April 25 Word Is Rhythm Poetry Festival

April 26 Word Is Rhythm Poetry Festival

May 4 Ruggles Elementary School

May 13 Haitian Flag Day Event

May 19 Ariel Community Academy

May 23-27 Los Angeles, California

May 28 YBAR Chicago MDW Party

June 4 Lyons Wedding

June 5 Ruggles Elementary School Commencement Speaker

June 6 YPN Breakfast at Mannys

June 20 G’Live Studio Recording

July 21 Ybar Fridays

July 23 Private Boat Party

July 26 YPN Breakfast at Mannys

July 28 Chi Greek Weekend Welcome to Chicago Party

July 29 Lizzie G Private Birthday Party

July 30 Lizzie G 32nd Birthday Bash – Bevy on Sunday

August 4-6th Black Women’s Expo Chicago

August 13 Bud Billiken Parade

September 2-4th Nashville, Tennessee

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