February 9  Dillard Center for the Arts  Workshop 12PM CT/1ET

February 10 EXPRESSIONS Instagram Live with Paris @ExpressionsChal 5:30PM CT/6:30ET/3:30PT

February 15-19  Las Vegas, Nevada

February 18  EXPRESSIONS Media Arts Workshop   5PM CT/6ET/3PT

February 22 Phillips High School Virtual Presentation

February 23 Phillips High School Virtual Presentation

February 24 King College Prep Virtual Presentation

February 24 EXPRESSIONS Instagram Live with @Amirah_ib @ExpressionsChal 4:30PM CT/5:30 ET

February 25 Fenger High School

March 2 Excel Southwest Academy Virtual Presentation

March 7 International Women’s Day Event Zoom 4PM CT/5ET

March 10 EXPRESSIONS Instagram Live with Special Guest @ExpressionsChal

March 12 District 89 Virtual Program Productions (Emerson Elementary, Roosevelt Middle School, Washington Dual Language Academy)

March 17-22 Fort-Lauderdale and Miami, Florida

April 15-19   DMV Area

May 1 Theta Chi Chapter 50th Anniversary

May 9 Operation SOS Mother’s Day Banquet

May 21 Expressions 2021 Virtual Award Ceremony

June 12 Fenger Family Day

July 2  Boulin Wedding  Elmhurst, IL

July 17 1st Communion Party

July 19-25 Cancun, Mexico

July 30, 2021  Lizzie G Golden/30th Birthday Bash

July 31 DCASE House City Kidz Festival

August 8-13 San Juan, Puerto Rico

August 9 Ocean Club Puerto Rico

August 14 Bud Billiken Parade

August 28 Fenger High School

September 1 Fenger High School

September 12 28th International Festival of Life 2:30PM

September 16 Bassline Chicago 10PM

September 17 Hard Rock Cafe w/ DJ Envy 10PM

September 18 Community of Love Banquet 7PM

September 18 Casey Moran’s 11PM

September 26 Back To School Bash on the Rooftop 1-3PM (1401 S. State Street)

October 1 LITE Chicago

October 17 Private Birthday Party

October 19 Fenger High School

October 20 Bronzeville Academy Charter School

October 24 Bevy on Sundays

October 29 LITE Chicago

November 5 Youth Explosion

November 18-24 Atlanta, Georgia

November 24 LITE Chicago All Black Wednesday w/PYRAMID

November 26 Hard Rock Cafe with Manny Fresh

December 9 -13 Las Vegas, Nevada

December 10 Legacy Traditional Middle School Las Vegas

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