January 10 Bethlehem French SDA Church  Chicago

January 11  Unity Day  DuSable Museum of African American History

January 12  Trunks Up 4 Day Party Persona  Chicago

January 12  Mids Up Day Party Society  Chicago

January 13  Deltas Founders Day Party  Chicago

January 17  Ky’s Sneaker Ball  Champaign, IL

January 22  WCSU Radio with BOXX Entertainment 2-4PM

January 24  EXPRESSIONS Awards Ceremony  Chicago

January 29  Lindblom Math & Science Academy   Chicago

January 30  District 89 School Wide Event  Maywood

February 7-11  Las Vegas, Nevada

February 23  CFL Championship Game DeLaSalle Gym

February 26  WCSU Radio  7PM

February 27  Women In Hip Hop   Chicago

February 28  Fenger High School  Chicago

March 3-10 Haiti Mission Trip

March 13  Catalyst Maria High School  Chicago

March 25  Excel Academy Roseland Chicago (POSTPONED)

March 30  Morgan Park Academy Art Show  Chicago (POSTPONED)

April 3  Black Women’s Expo  McCormick Place Chicago (POSTPONED)

April 8  EXPRESSIONS IG LIVE  w/ Lizzie G  3PM

(Follow @ExpressionsChal & @Lizzieeg30 on Instagram)

April 27  Word Is Rhythm Poetry Festival (K-5) (POSTPONED)

April 28  Word Is Rhythm Poetry Festival (6-8)  (POSTPONED)

May 6  North Grand High School  Chicago (POSTPONED)

May 20  GOODE STEM Academy Chicago (POSTPONED)

May 23  House Festival  Millennium Park  Chicago (POSTPONED)

May 30  Gospel Festival  Millennium Park  Chicago (POSTPONED)

June 13  Midwest Region Virtual Day Party Fundraiser 1-3PM Live on FB

June 17  The Conversation  via Zoom  (5PM) 6th-8th grade, (6PM) 9th-12th grade

Zoom Log In – (Meeting ID:890-4686 9674; Password: 724906)

June 19  Juneteenth Program Register HERE  10AM-7PM

July 3  Hit The Hood Roseland Peace March   Chicago 4PM

July 12-13  Huntsville, Alabama

July 30  Lizzie G’s 29th Birthday

August 1  Nike vs Adidas part 2 Birthday Bash (Invite Only)

September 19  VIP Bar and Grill  Homewood IL

October 2  Wisconsin Black Women for Biden Fundraiser   Zoom

December 19  Virtual Christmas Concert  Facebook LIVE

April 16-20, 2021  Revolus Wedding   San Juan, Costa Rica

July 2, 2021  Boulin Wedding  Elmhurst, IL

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